Reseller Rules & Regulations




  1. Credits are non-refundable. Credits are affiliates responsibility once they have been transfered to the reseller.
  2. Resellers can sell subscription packages for more but NOT for less than FUSION IPTV.NET.
  3. Resellers MUST charge for trial accounts. NEVER issue trials on Friday, Saturday or Sunday except for account issues.
  4. No creating packages other than what is shown in the resellers control panel.



Advertising should NEVER be done on a mass scale that would draw unwanted attention. All ads featuring EPIC, NITRO or SPORTZ  MUST be approved by FUSION IPTV.NET.


Customer Support

All official resellers MUST support their own customers.



When creating a password for customers, reseller MUST ensure that it is a STRONG password.

  • DO NOT match the username and password.
  • Ensure usernames and passwords are AT LEAST 8 characters long.
  • Passwords MUST have a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers.
  • Symbols should NOT be used in passwords, because it creates login issues.

Our system auto-detects weak credentials. If one of your accounts is flagged, it will be temporarily disabled or will experience login issues. 

Note: A password generator can be used to assist with creating secure passwords.


These rules and regulations are NON-NEGOTIABLE.


Failure to comply to ALL the rules and regulations for Resellers will result in your reseller account being DISABLED, DELETED or BANNED from the main panel.



ALL Proceeds from credits belong solely to the reseller. 100% Profit!!!