Cancellations & Refunds


You assume the responsibility for your purchase. A cancellation occurs only when either a customer or supplier voids an order before an order has begun within 24HRS of purchase. FUSIONIPTV.NET will not collect any funds from a customer upon cancellation, and previously authorized funds will only be released at the bank's discretion. 





FUSIONIPTV.NET may refuse to refund a customer's payment of funds if the customer has been provided with login information to access any of our services OR if your device has been successfully added to any of our servers.


Refunds are ONLY granted if our IPTV support staff and Administrators cannot determine the problem (via email, social media or telephone calls) within any of our servers.


Refunds may also be subject to a SET-UP fee if approval is granted. Therefore, a partial refund may be issued.


Anyone claiming wrongful disputes via their credit card/debit card will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We are working with you and not against you. 


Please note that anyone who abuses our system or our servers will automatically be BANNED and DELETED from our servers with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We will not tolerate any form of abuse at all.