Apple Products

Quick and Easy Setup Instructions for iOS/Apple Products

Get your device setup to our servers by following the steps below: 


iOS/APPLE Products



  • Ministra Player can be installed via App Store for free.
  • Enter username (case sensitive) and password (case sensitive).
  • Enter URL: (


Stalker TV

  • Stalker TV can be installed via App Store.
  • Enter username (case sensitive) and password (case sensitive).
  • Enter URL: (


    Note 1: USERNAME and PASSWORD will be provided after confirmation of purchase.


    Note 2: Please confirm your device below in order notes, contact us, or email to (specify order # in your details)

    1. Apple
    2. Android
    3. MAG/STB (please send your MAC Address)
    4. Enigma2
    5. Other--Please Specify


    Failure to confirm your device with the order# will result in your order being unfulfilled.